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    Alignment issues between timelines?

    hebbie70 Level 1

      I am stumped. I am not a newbie, but this is driving me crazy.


      (not my file, supplied by client) I have a movie clip in the main timeline, which in its own timeline has rollover buttons which coincide with popup panels in the main timeline. I need to add a callout line between the rollover buttons on the movie clip timeline with the popups on the main timeline.

      I have tried to do a quick copy/paste thing from the MC timeline just to add the callouts (and then delete it) to the main, but everything shifts over to another place, and that does not help me at all, and I really dont know why! Like I said, driving me crazy.


      Any clues on how to align a main timeline object(s) with a object(s) on its own timeline? And, am I a moron? : ) why can I not copy paste and/or use the properties x/y to place it in? When I do it shifts to a way different location on the main timeline. Seriously, stumped.



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          __antonio__ Level 3


          You're not a moron. These things are easy to forget.

          So, The main timeline's registration point (0,0) is at Top,Left. Movie Clip (or buttons or graphics) registration is always 0,0, even though you can make the registration point be anything else (top/left, top/right, center/center, etc).


          Let's say you have a perfect 100x100 rectangle inside a movie clip and center/center aligned, then its x,y (inside the movie clip) would be -50,-50. Now, if your Movie Clip is on stage and Top,left aligned with the stage, then its x,y is 50,50, because the mc's registation point determines x,y. Get it?


          Think of symbols as extensions of the main timeline. 0,0 equals 0,0.


          Again, You're not a moron. Even Professionals can forget these things.

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            hebbie70 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply-it does make sense now! (derrrr...)


            In your expertise is this the only way possible of me being able to align? I have about 80 popups and about 30 different images in the MC timeline to align. It will take me hours and hours to copy paste from the movie clip timeline to the main timeline, align and then delete. Do you have any better options?

              Thanks Antonio!

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              __antonio__ Level 3

              oy, what a tedious task. Are all the symbols you need to copy/paste in one symbol? That would at least make things a little easier. Either way do this:


              1. keep the mc you are copying from on the main timeline for reference.

              2. go into the mc, double click or Edit>Edit in Place

              3. with the layers you want to copy from unlocked, highlight all your frames. Its easy to do if you just click the layer names, shift click to select multiples in order.

              4. right click on the selected frames, and chose Copy Frames. (the layers all need to be adjacent). See Image 1 attached.

              5. go to your main timeline and make a new layer

              6. highlight all the frames on that layer, same way in #3

              7. right click and choose Paste Frames.


              Now you just need to align. we kept the mc on the timeline for reference, so this now gets easier.

              1. Lock all the layers you DONT want to move.

              2. Turn on Onion Skin. See image 2 attached

              3. click the Modify Onion Markers buttons and choose Anchor Onion. See image 3.

              4. click it again and choose Onion All.

              5. Hit cntrl/cmd+A to grab all the frames to move

              6. Now reposition all your mcs to where you need them. You could drag them with the mouse, or tap with arrows. But I like to just do the math, its percise. You can check them against the mc we left on stage.


              With so many symbols to move you may want to do them in segments. A set of maybe 10 at a time.


              When you are all done copying/pasting frames, Delete the symbols you dont need on the main timeline. Then, in the Library, click the little drop down in the top right and choose Select Unused Items and hit delete. You might need to do this twice. once to clear the symbols not in use, and again to clear out bitmaps or sounds or other symbols that were inside of the first group deleted.

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                hebbie70 Level 1

                Thank you so much Antonio. I am totally on with what you are saying. This is going to be a lot easier than what I was originally going to do. Thank you for taking the time to write the steps out for me.


                I am still going to try to get the client to take the callout lines out, but for now, I know how to do it.


                Thank you!!!!!!