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    Signed pdf + Reader 9.1 = blank fields (9.0 works fine)


      Hi. This is the sequence of events for the problem we are experiencing:

      1. We generate a PDF by merging with an FDF using itext. The result PDF is encrypted and signed.
      2. We had a problem where the encrypted/signed document was properly formatting the fields (i.e. adding the dolar sign to a amount field) but the non signed one did not (showed 0.9 instead of $0.90)
      3. The problem was solved by setting generate appearances to false, and all worked fine with Reader 9.0.X (both signed and unsigned form) BUT
      4. With Reader 9.1.X the signed form comes up blank. The info is there, and can be seen if I allow field modification and I select the field, but neither is visible nor prints. The unsigned form is loaded without problem.
      5. If I open the signed version with reader, go to "signed version", and view the report I see an "4002 PDF content contains errors" message, but it doesn't provide any details about the problems.
      6. I used Adobe Acrobat->Advanced->Preflight to try to find the error, no luck.


      Please, help! Thanks.