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    missing static test once published


      I have just switched to CS4.  When I updated some text in a movie on the site (originally built in an older version of Flash from back in the Macromedia days) things went fine until I published the document.  The movie file looks fine but random characters have disappeared and some portions that were Italics have become regular.  Everything stays good in the movie file, but the published one loses characters.  I tried publishing for flash 5 but that made no difference.  What should I be trying?  Help!




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          Lon Winters Level 4

          I just read in another post that CS4 handles fonts very differenlty from previous versions.  Go back in and re-apply your fonts to those text fields and it should work fine.

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            wlexthompson Level 1

            Hi Lon,


            Thanks, I'm not sure exactly what you mean.  How do I reapply the text?  I tried just making the whole movie again from scratch and typed the text in again fresh - no cut and paste.  It still does the same thing when I publish, changing styles of some words and dropping out characters.  What would I do to reapply?  Is there something I have set wrong somewhere?  Since it didn't work when made anew, I'm at a total loss.....





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              Lon Winters Level 4

              If you've started over from scratch then you've already done it.  i was just referring to going to the next properties and selcting your font and type from the dropdowns. If that's not working, then there may be a problem with the font itself.  Have you tried a different font?


              Also, check the other thread here regarding font issues - there are some useful suggestions there as well, one of them being a MS hotfix.

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