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    Batch Save for Web in illustrator



      I'm trying to make a batch to process 110 illustrator files and save them as Gifs.

      I record the Action (which includes "Save for Web" (enlarge to 1000*1400), Save, and then Close the Ai file (which I think is not even necessary if you choose "Save and close" in the Destination area of the batch window).

      When I play the Action it performs "Save for Web", etc, but it doesn't save the Gif file, it waits for me to press the Save button.

      It seems stupid but I want the batch to save the file by itself and carry on with next one.

      Is this possible or do I have to press the save button for every file.

      Thanks in advance


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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not an answer to your question, but I would suggest your reconsidering the Save for Web size, unless the site is intended for a special target group using large browser windows. 1000 x 1400 is large, much larger than the browser window used by most; and most dislike having to scroll horizontally. Few people use the maximum browser window size, and the normally recommended width is some 800 or 840.

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            melamina Level 1

            Thanks for your answer but the images are not for web.

            I need to enlarge them because they have a lot of detail and I need to send them to someone to be checked. The only place I can save as Gif is on the "Save for Web"  dialog and Gifs have the smallest size/best quality ratio for the images I need.

            I don't understand why when executing the batch process it stops at the "save window" waiting for me to click on "Save".

            Nevertheless, thanks anyway