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    Save only the artboard


      I have large text that extends out past the artboart boundaries.  why in gods name anyone would want to include this when they save is beyond me, kind of defeats the purpose of the artboard.  also, there is no easily identifiable way to exclude the work outside the artboard when exporting (jpeg).  i tried to just find a selection tool (rectangle) like in photoshop so i could select the artboard and then maybe select the inverse and cut.  but thats a no-go.  so, how do i do it?



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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          The area outside the Artboard is part of the Work Area and may contain artwork that needs to be kept.


          Depending on the version, you may do different things to limit what is Exported.


          In the newest version(s), I believe the Artboard is used to crop for export.


          In older versions, you may create a rectangle where you want the image borders and Object>Crop Area (or Crop Marks)>Make.

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            McLrn227 Level 1

            i'm very sorry, i should've specified.  i am using CS4.


            edit:  ahhh, im so dumb.  I found it now.  for anyone else having this problem in the future...  when you click on export the browsing screen comes up so you can choose where to save it.  at the bottom check the "Use Artboards" box.