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    Flex framework/readymade support for product personalization


      Hi all


      I am developing an Invite Application and now I am looking towards Flex to enable users to be able to design/personalize different gift items online. Just like mypunchbowl.com, iTasveer.com etc.


      I am quite new to Flex and so do not know much about its frameworks. Please help me with the following:"


      - Is there any Flex software/framework which can give me readymade support for the action items that I have in mind. I checked few readymade shopping carts but they are inadequate for my use as they dont give personalization.


      - If no such software/framework exists then which Flex development framework I can use to start writing my own solution. My apps backend is Tomcat/Spring. I am new to Flex and would like to get started with it quickly.


      - From where I can get good open source freeware/commercial Flex widgets which I can readily use in developing a system which solves my requirements?