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    Video distortion with flash cs4




      I would like to ask if there is a way to distrort a video in flash cs4. Particularly i want to create a custom player to display flv videos and in the background, around the player area, play a distorted video probably blured or faded , short of like ambient light??


      Any help on the subject would be greatly apreciated.




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          __antonio__ Level 3

          Yes you can do that.Theres a couple ways.



          You will want to load the flv - in whatever fashion - into a movie clip, then blur the movie clip with filters. But this can have serious damaging effects on runtime performance.



          If you have the source files, and the video will never need to be sharp. You can go into your video editing software (After Effects, for instance), extend width and height of the composition, blur your video there, and render out with alpha channel.

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            zaverx Level 1

            Thanks Antonio,


            Probably using filters is the way i would go with it because the background video needs to be displayed  dynamically.