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    Changing Registration Email Address


      Hi All


      I have just downloaded DE and started my adventure with ebooks, so excuse me if this is a total newb question. I used an adobe account to regsiter DE to my PC I wish I hadn't because I probably won't the address much long. So can I create a new account on adobe and transfer DE to that new address?

      I will soon be formatting my harddrive, so if I do that and then use the new email address will I lose access to the content I have added to DE with the old one?





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          FreakyJesus Level 1

          I wonder sometimes does anyone at Adobe actually give a crap about the people who buy their products? I have sent in a contact form about this issue twice and both been ignored. I have called support and no one has picked up. I just need to know if i can change the email address on my account without losing access to the files downloaded using that account/address. But as usual with Adobe, nothing is that simple. I have stopped using ALL adobe products over time because of the way they treat their customers. And if I had an alternative to this, I'd take it, but right now I don't.