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    Reinstall - offline media?


      I just reinstalled the entire suite in efforts to hopefully fix a problem we couldn't identify. Installation was straightforward as it always is. When I opened Premiere and my project file, all my meida was marked as offline, and had the dreaded red bar over every video file. What have I done!? Have I just ruined my film? Is there anyway to fix this problem? Help, please!



      2.83 Quad Core

      8GB RAM

      Vista 64bit

      4850 Series video card.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          When you opened the project, PR asked you where the clips were. If you skipped these, they are all offlined. Your best bet is to revert to an autosave version, otherwise you have to manually link all clips again from the project panel. Right click on a clip and select Link Media.

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            Javert01 Level 1

            I'm running an update service right now and it's installing; I'll get back to you as to whether or not this worked or not. I'm working with AVCHD files, and I think my copy of CS4 came out before they included the support files for that. Updating may be the solution. Will get back to you RE this.


            I should note that you're always very helpful. I appreciate that.