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    Not all tracks import from PP to AE

    Alex DeJesus Level 1

      Import PP sequence from within AE (not Dynamic Link) the first 3 minutes of a 4-minute video does not make it to the new composition.I have tried several times on different sequences. When I import via Dynamic link, I get just one track of beginning to end from PP with no edits.


      I may have screwed up - please tell me. I put a couple of AE titles on the Prem Pro timeline before I imported the sequence into the AE comp. In other words, Fottage from AE is placed into a Premier sequence and then back to AE via Dynaic link or regular import. I think that would cause some problems. All I know is I am spending way too much time on this project and going broke fast.


      And by the way. AE freezes a lot. Please help.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Are the AE titles you're placing in the PPro timeline brought via Dynamic Link or are they movie files you render from AE? AE can't use AE Dynamic Link. So, if your Premiere Pro project has dynamically linked AE Comps, those would import as placeholders in AE when you use the PPro project import feature. If you try to bring it into AE using Dynamic Link, you'll get a message about Dynamic Link only working in one direction.


          Other than this, there are the Premiere Pro project import feature is able to translate a lot of native settings from PPro to AE, but not all. If you are using an unsupported feature, that would also import as a solid layer or placeholder when importing the PPro project.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Can you describe in more detail? I agree with the previous comment - if you try to import AE DL items from Premiere back to AE, then you attempt to create a cyclic link and that is not possible. You shoudl get a warning, though. The rest is not clear. Assuming your footage is proper clips, then AER shouldn't possibly care...