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    Color Finesse and Quicktime


      I am using AE CS3 and have CF plug-in installed and registered.  It has always worked fine.  Just recently, I tried and again it opened but this time, only the simplified interface works.  If I try to open the full interface, it warns me that an early version of QT than I have (or higher) is needed.  I have the latest version installed and verified that it will open and play .mov files.  But the problem persists.  Used to work, not it doesn't. BTW, cleaned up the registry, cleaned out all broken shortcuts, etc.  Reinstalled QT from scratch after completely clearing it out (no easy task).  I really don't know where to begin.  Can anyone help?  Thanks

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          Bob Currier Level 3

          No quick answer for you. There's nothing in the manual as there's not much more to say than what the error message says: Color Finesse is attempting to initialize QuickTime and getting an error.


          It looks like there are three reasons why you might get that error messag


          1. You don't have QT installed. You do, so that's not the problem.
          2. You have an old pre-7.0.2 version of QT installed. Not true in your case.
          3. QuickTime fails to initialize for some other reaso


          So looking at #3, do you have any third-party codecs installed which might be giving problems? QuickTime interacts with video cards and their drivers so any changes in that area could upset QuickTime. Also check the QuickTime settings and try changing them to see if it makes any difference. Something changed since the full interface was working for you, so I'd concentrate on figuring out what that is.


          I don't see anything in our change logs related to this, but I would recommend upgrading to the current version of Color Finesse (2.1.10) so you benefit from the fixes we've made in the last couple of years. You can download the new version from the Synthetic Aperture web site; just be sure to download the "LE" installer so that it accepts your serial number.


          -- Bob

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            Bob Currier Level 3

            It seems that the recent 7.6.4 update to QuickTime for Windows has broken a number of apps, including Color Finesse's full UI.


            You can try moving back to an earlier version to see if that fixes you up while we see if this is something we can fix in Color Finesse or whether we'll have to wait for an Apple update.


            Older versions are available at:




            -- Bob

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              joshtownsend Level 2

              Yeah it broke color finesse for me as well.

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                Bob Currier Level 3

                We just released the 2.1.11 update to Color Finesse which fully resolves this issue with QuickTime 7.6.4 on Windows.


                The update also includes a number of other changes:


                - Adds compatibility with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).

                - Adds support for Premiere Pro CS4 under Mac OS X. (Premiere Pro on Windows was previously supported.)

                - Corrects a problem where the waveform graticule markings were not drawn correctly in PAL mode on Windows.

                - Fixes an issue with black shadows being rendered around alpha channel masks.

                - Fixes a problem where the Curves in the simplified UI under Premiere Pro did not behave correctly.


                The 2.1.11 update can be downloaded from the Synthetic Aperture web site. Current licensed users of Color Finesse 2.1 can use their existing serial number.


                If you are updating the version of Color Finesse which was bundled with After Effects CS3/CS4, be sure to download the installer for the "LE" version of Color Finesse.

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                  dale0007 Level 1

                  Thank you.  Dale