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    AE CS4 trial crashes my Windows Vista machine


      I was very interested in trying out Adobe After Effects so I downloaded the 30 day trial version.  It seemed to work for a minute and I was able to import 2 media files. but when I tried to preview one of the files, the program took my computer down hard - totally locked up - had to power off.  I tried several more times and no matter what I tried to do the program would lock up again requiring power down.  I studied fixes in Adobe Forums and tried these but nothing worked.  The computer crashed so hard it was quite a time consuming process to attempt these various fixes.  I even tried reinstalling the whole thing - same problems.  I'm really bummed because I was/am extremely interested in this program but I have finally unistalled it as I can't afford the time to continue to screw around with it.  I have a Dell Core2 Quad CPU with 3G RAM and running Vista Home Premium.

      Similar experience? Easy fixes? or just give up?