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    alignment issue


      Hello All,


      I bought a "flash poll" created with Actionscript 2 and I'm having an alignment issue.


      I'm not very familiar with Flash, so if possible, help me with being as detailed as possible!!


      My problem is the following:


      The stage is is abotu 600 x 300... but the actual poll is only about 200 x 300, which is aligned to the right... when I "crop" or resize the stage size to 200 x 300, all I get is basically a 200x300 white window or movie.  if I expand that window to the right, eventually I see the hidden poll.


      How do I align the poll to the left? Or better yet, how do I set the stage to only fit the poll?





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to move the poll to the left, aligning the left edge of the poll with the left edge of the stage.  Then resize your stage.

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            wdes2009 Level 1

            How do I move the poll to the left?


            When I open the *.fla all I see is a white screen.  I don't see the poll there.  I only see the poll when I export the movie to html or when I click on test.


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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you can take a screenshot of the timeline it might help someone to see what is involved with the design.


              When you look at the timeline do you see anything in the way of frames with black dots and/or small letter "a"s in them?


              If you see any black dots, try selecting one at a time and see what gets highlighted on the stage.  If anything does, then you should be able to doubleclick on what you see on the stage to edit to see what they are--and move them to the left where you want them.


              If you see any of those "a"s, open the Actions panel and select one of those frames.  What code is in the panel?


              Do you see anything in the library that resembles pieces of the poll?

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                wdes2009 Level 1

                Hi Ned,


                I will try to take a screenshot shortly, but first let me answer your questions.


                When I look at the timeline, there are 2 sections: Action and another one called Background.  Under number 1 in the timeline, action has 2 dots, one on top of another, but they are not black. They are white, like little white circles.  Under Background there is only one of those circles, on the bottom.


                When I click on either of the circles in either section (background or action) on the timeline, nothing shows up on the stage and nothing else really happens, with the exception of the Action circles that an arrow on the properties window shows and clicking that brings up the actionscript panel.


                In the Actions Panel there is a lot of code, 625 lines I believe. I'm thinking the entire poll is made up in there and no actual design was done, which is why I can't see the poll on the stage.


                In the Library the only thing I see is one item called "radiobutton" and the linkage next to it says: Export.


                I do know in the actions panel code, there is the option where I can change the colors and the question, but nothing related to alignment.



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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It would appear that your file is just about entirely done using actionscript--that actions layer likely has the white dot and a small "a" above it, though you could call it a cuircle as well I reckon--never was clearly presented.  What you will probably have to do is locate in the code where "_x" values are being set, and adjust some of those.


                  It is possible that the entire poll is placed inside one element such that you only need to determine which that is and change its _x assignment.  Chances are that element would be created using a "createEmptyMovieClip" function.  Based on what you described at first, you would be looking for something being assigned to an _x value of something like 400 or so.  All this is just guesswork though.


                  625 lines of code is a bit much to be placing in a posting.  If you could either make your fla file available via a server, or copy and paste the code into a text (.txt) file and make that available someone may be able to at least check to see if there is a quick solution to moving things to the left.  If your file happens to be made using CS4, I won't be able to look at it (only CS3 or earlier).

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                    wdes2009 Level 1

                    Hi Ned!


                    Great news! I was able to resize it using your help!


                    I did a search for CreateEmptyMovieClip, and a few things popped up, including an _x with a value of exactly 400! I played around with it and now it works!


                    Thanks for your help!


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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Cool! You're welcome.