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    Mouse Movements Do Not Show

    Chaplain Doug Level 1
      Captivate 3. When I record in "Demonstration" mode and "Record Narration," recording my navigation through a web site, the mouse movements n=do not show, despite the fact that I have the settings "Show mouse location and movement" and "Automatically add highlight boxes when the mouse is clicked" both checked. I find that the mouse movements and highlighting DO NOT show unless I also have the "Automatically add text captions" and "Convert tooltips to rollover actions" boxes checked. If these boses are not selected, the mouse movements do not show even when they are selected.

      This is cumbersome to me as I DO NOT want the captions on my recording. What gives with this??
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Dr. Pruiett

          After you stop recording and enter the edit mode, do you see mouse icons on the slides up and down the Film Strip on the left? If so, you should be seeing Mouse Movement. If the icons aren't there then something is amiss.

          Well, I suppose something is amiss either way if you aren't seeing mouse, eh? But it would be nice to know if you are even getting the mouse icons. If you are, I suspect the movement may be there, but something is preventing you from seeing what was recorded as opposed to Captivate failing to record in the first place.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Chaplain Doug Level 1

            There are no mouse icons on the left when in edit mode on the prject in Captivate. Something else I notice is that for instance if I am recording the windows explorer and double-click a document and open it, the document is not shown until I click inside of it, that is the windows explorer remains in focus. Hence, I am finding myself having to click in every window that I invoke to make sure that it appears in the recording. What is causing this?

            Yes, I am frustrated that Captivate is not doing what it is suppoed to. Thanks for any help.
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              Chaplain Doug Level 1
              Ooops. I was looking in the wrong place. The mouse icon is on some of my slides at left. I still have the problem that the mouse movements are not recorded unless I choose "Automatically add text captions" as well.