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    DataSet?DeltaPacket - does anyone use it?

    luciewong Level 1

      when I had questions about the DataSet or DeltaPacket, and this is going since these components has been first time introduced (-now several years ago), I never received any reply from this Forum.

      When I try to find an answer, using the advanced SEARCH button, entering “DataSet” or “DeltaPacket” the result is frustrating. Only 20 questions are listed and 5 (FIVE!) people have got an answer during all these years!?

      I believe, working with the DeltaPacket is quite a complicated issue, and normally designers should have more questions - so I am really wondering, if anyone is using the DataSet and DeltaPacket components at all?

      If yes, then probably this person could help me.

      My 2 questions would be:

      1. Loading data using the DaltaPacket (XML-connector) could take quite a long time. As these connectors start working before anything else on the website,
      - is it possible to monitor the Loading process somehow?

      2. As loading goes quite slowly with the DeltaPacket, I am loading now data with ASP directly into the DataSet, which goes much faster. But then.…
      - these collection items are not available to the DeltaPacket. Is there any code I can transform the added items, making them available to the DeltaPacket.

      Any help would be very appreciated.
      Best regards,