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    Way of communicating with vb6?

    home_aidan Level 1


      Im trying to find away of getting flash to play happy with vb6.

      This was easy enough when using as2. But when using as2, for a vb developer to change a variable in flash they would use somthing like _root.vartochange = "blar blar".

      However in as3 there is no such thing as "_root". Ive research this alot and caunt find anyway for vb to comunicate with flash. Would turning the flash into an air app make things any easier does any one know?

      Has anyone a solution to this?





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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          I can only assume that you are using the ActiveX plug-in within a Visual Basic application. Is this close to correct? If so, then you should be able to use the ExternalInterface API to communicate between your VB host and the ActionScript running in the plug-in. (FSCommand might also work, but I believe that is deprecated in favor of ExternalInterface.)


          AIR won't help you at all here since AIR applications run as independent processes, not as embedded controls.


          Note that you can also use sockets, with AIR or Flash to send data, even locally, if it comes to that.