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    PE 7 - importing exported clips

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      Hope I can explain this properly.  I"m converting VHS tapes and/or importing DVD files into my PE and authoring the files to be eventually burned in Nero.  When I'm done, I edit down my finished video into smaller, roughly 2 minute or less clips for future editing into new projects.  I would say most of them have been imported into Nero and exported into mpeg files.  My problem is, some of the clips I'm now trying to import into a new PE project are not loading when I try to "Get Media".  Either I get the yellow "Media Pending" icon or a "blank" icon (arrows) where when I try to drag them down to the video track window, I get a pop up that says, "This type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed.  I just downloaded the K-Lite Codec pack, thinking that was my problem (I'd recently had my hard drive wiped and reloaded), but this does not seem to solve the problem.  the odd thing is, Nero seems just fine with these clips, and re-exporting them through Nero doesn't seem to solve the problem.


      Oddly, I have one or two with the yellow window, but they play in the video window.  Doesn't make much sense.  Any ideas?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is aimed a Premiere Pro, but may help


          First, work through all of the steps here http://ppro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting


          If your problem isn't fixed after you follow all of the steps, report back with the DETAILS asked for in the questions at the end of that link


          My GUESS is that the codec of the re-import is not an edit codec... all flavors of Premiere PREFER to work with DV AVI Type 2 with 48khz sound


          Any other codec does not edit as well, if at all, in Premiere (this is for SD material... HD is completely different)

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            Well, the forum logged me out, so I lost everything that I typed. I broke a cardinal rule with the Adobe fora, in that I did not first save every word to NotePad, prior to trying to post. Dang the Adobe fora and the Jive software. Here goes, to see if I can reconstruct all my thoughts. [Sorry for the rant, but I have grown to hate the "new & improved" Adobe fora!]


            Here we go again: Welcome to the forum. However, you are in the wrong forum. THIS is where the PrE forum is located.


            Now, that said, yet again, let me try to attempt to answer your questions. Bear with me, as I am now going from memory and will likely miss some points.


            First, when doing captures of VHS, I use an A-D bridge/capture card. I also use the included capture software. I recommend the Canopus (Grass Valley) 110, or their 300 unit, which offers more timebase corrections. I save these as DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. This is the format/CODEC that both PrE and PrPro love.


            If I have a 100% DVD-compliant DVD-Video, I will use PrE's Get Media. First, I copy the VIDEO_TS folder to my HDD, and Import from there. However, many DVD-Videos are NOT DVD-compliant. See this ARTICLE for some background. For those non-DVD-compliant files, I use my A-D capture, just like I do for VHS. My deck is VHS/DVD, so I can do both from it, via my A-D bridge, and software. I navigate past all Menus (usually the issue) and then start my capture, and hit Play on the deck's remote at about the same time. Again, I am doing the same DV-AVI Type II's. More on that later. Then, I Import these files into PrE (or PrPro).


            For the segmented Project, you will want to Export out as DV-AVI Type II files w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. That is as good as it gets.


            Now, with MPEG-2 material (that is the CODEC for DVD-Video), it is compressed already. To keep quality up, I do not want to do any more compression, until I just have to.


            If the MOD's move your thread for you, I'll see you in the PrE forum. If I've missed something, either because I forgot on my re-do, or because I tried to cover too much material in one post, please do not hesitate to ask for more info, or clarification.


            Good luck,



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              Well, what do you know? I was actually able to post this time.


              Hope that I did not miss too much on the second time around.


              Good luck,



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                I knew that I forgot something - the K-Lite CODEC pack.


                Now, I am a big believer in only loading the CODEC's, that are needed. I also go to the source for each, even if I have to buy that CODEC. I want to get to the original code, and not something that is hacked, or reverse-engineered. That is one of the many problems that I have with CODEC packs - most are not the original code, but something "close."


                The K-Lite also installs FFDShow, which can cause many problems with Adobe programs.


                I would suggest uninstalling K-Lite, and then using G-Spot to find just the CODEC's that you need, then Google them. Get only what you need for your material. Many others can cause so many problems.


                Luckily, K-Lite does uninstall. Many CODEC packs will not. With them, doing a complete wipe of your HDD and reinstalling the OS, plus all apps is the only way to rid a system of some of these.


                Personally, I'd rather pay for a few needed CODEC's, than get a ton free. Again, I try to go to the source for the code, and will not use any hacked, or reverse-engineered CODEC's.


                Sorry that I missed getting this back into my re-post.


                Good luck,



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                  OK, last part, I think.


                  The yellow line/Media Pending means just that. PrE is still processing that/those file(s). Give it time. Get a cup of coffee and relax. Some files can take a bit of time. Do not assume that your program is hung, until about 30 mins.


                  Good luck,



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                    Buddycat Level 1

                    I thihk that is the answer.    After having gotten back to it after a couple of days, it looks lilke even though the thumbnails are still "offline", they load now.  Weird.  Have to remember to give them much longer than 5 minutes, I guess.  Thanks.  )And I"ll visit the right forum next time, but I thought the header said all PE software.)

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      There are two operations that can take some time: Media Pending (basically the time is to properly index the files), and the Conforming (generation of the .CFA and .PEK files for Audio).


                      I just take a little break, when these are running, and let them finish. My machines are fast enough to allow work during these processes, but then they take longer. On many machines, doing anything in the program, during these operations, will often crash the program, or maybe the computer. I just go do something else for a moment.


                      Good luck,