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    merged topic link doesn't work...

    Lonno7 Level 1

      I'm trying to put together a merged project again, but I'm having "link" problems. So far, this is what I've done:

      1. Established a "Main" project to hold two merged projects (A & B)
      2. In a Project A topic, I successfully set up a link to a Project B topic; however...
      3. In the Project B topic, I tried to set up a link back to the Project A topic, but it does not show as a link in the compiled .chm file
      4. Curiously, if I go to the Project A topic and fire the link to the Project B topic -- whaddyaknow? -- the Project B link works!
      Mind you, this is working with the A & B topics independently of the Main project. The Project B link doesn't work there at all.

      alles klar?
      Any suggestions?

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          Lonno7 Level 1
          for what it's worth, the Project B link works just fine when I save the project and use the preview icon (eyeglasses).

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            Lonno7 Level 1
            anyone? ... anyone?...

            still having touble with this...
            However, I should correct something:

            I just started the Main.chm project and went to the merged B project ... still no hyperlink; went to the merged A project, hyperlink still good; clicked on it to go to the B project ... Hey, Presto! the hyperlink is there.

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              Lonno7 Level 1
              The ongoing dialogue with myself:

              I figured something out: In the Merged A project, the True Code tab showed a complete path name for the hyperlink; however, the Merged B project's path name was truncated to "...\...\RestOfPathname" -- so I copied and pasted the missing path portion from A to B and, of course, it worked. So, now the questions are:

              1. Why did I get a working hyperlink with Project A, but not with B?
              2. How can I generate working links without having to modify the HTML every time?

              anyone? ... anyone?...

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                Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
                Could you post a full example of the links in both A and B (obviously make up folder and file names as necessary)? Also, just to confirm that when all projects are built, all chm files will live in the same folder? It doesn't sound quite right that you would have a path when linking between chm files.
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                  MergeThis Level 4
                  I'm not sure of the link path situation in HTML Help, but in WebHelp you need to have the source projects available on your machine in the identical folder structure as will be used in the output. If the folder you're linking to is "owned" by another writer, you at least need a copy of it on your machine. When you link to an "external" project file, the path is shown as an absolute path (C:\blah-blah...), but when you exit the dialog and then double click the link again to reopen the dialog, RH has converted the link to a relative one (../MyOtherProject/MyTopic.htm).

                  Good luck,
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                    Lonno7 Level 1
                    Thanx everyone, for your assistance...

                    I finally realized the solution: Go to the Single Source Layout in the Primary project, copy its output path, then paste it into the SSL's output folder path for each of the two merged projects. Works perfectly now!

                    onward and upward...