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    Please help me edit this fla file


      I have this flash file
      I want do not want the extra white page on the left and right side of the flash
      that is part of flash file, and ignore the gray part.
      that is not part of flash file.
      I am including the fla file
      please help me edit it
      Thank you.
      I was not able to upload here because file is 2.4 mb
      I uploaded it to mediafire.com
      please help

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          Lon Winters Level 4

          1. Click the Edit Multiple Frames button in the timeline window, below the actual timelines.

          2. Drag the brackets above the timelines to include all the frames.

          3. Drag your cursor around everything on the stage so that everything is selected.  Don't lock any layers.

          4. Use the left arrow key to nudge all the content to the left until it lines up with stage left.

          5. Reduce the width of your document by however many pixels it takes to remove any empty space on the right margin.

          6. De-select edit multiple frames to go back into normal editing mode