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    [svn:fx-trunk] 10204: Various minor changes to TLFTextField, mostly based on feedback from Ryan:

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      Revision: 10204

      Author:   gosmith@adobe.com

      Date:     2009-09-12 16:35:16 -0700 (Sat, 12 Sep 2009)


      Log Message:


      Various minor changes to TLFTextField, mostly based on feedback from Ryan:


      1. Changed all my previous TODOs to FIXMEs to investigate after Beta 2.


      2. Added a bunch more FIXMEs for issues to investigate after Beta 2.


      3. Changed the PADDING_XXX consts from public to tlf_internal.


      4. Set mouseChildren = false in the constructor so that the TLFTextField doesn't generate extraneous mouseOver and mouseOut events over TextLines. (I noticed that this was messing up selection in DataGrid when it uses TLFTextField.)


      5. Made the 'direction' property work by invalidating the FTE and TLF formats when it is set.


      6. Added a 'locale' property as in FTE and TLF, because this is so important to how FTE maps characters to glyphs and does font fallback. We need to have this in TLFTextField.


      7. Commented out unreachable code in createHostFormat().


      8. Fixed alignment logic in alignTextLines() so that "left" is treated as "start" and "right" as "end", since "start" and "end" are not allowed in TextFormat.


      9. In composeHTMLText(), made the text unselectable and uneditable as intended. I has accidentally left it as editable for debugging purposes.


      QE notes: None

      Doc notes: None

      Bugs: Part of SDK-23117

      Reviewer: Alex

      Tests run: ant checkintests

      Is noteworthy for integration: No


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          flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/projects/textLayout/textLayout_textField/src/flashx/textLayout/ controls/TLFTextField.as