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    FullScreen stage question


      In my flash application, I have a main canvas A at 0,0 1280x1024 and within A, I have a Canvas B at 60,95 950x450 and within B, I have a canvas C at 0,0 575x325. I want to make canvas C into full screen. So I set the follwoing code

                                  var screenRectangle:Rectangle = new Rectangle(60, 95, 575, 325);
                                  this.A.B.C.stage.fullScreenSourceRect = screenRectangle;
                                  this.A.B.C.stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;


      When I ran this, the full screen was made out of canvas B (scroll bar was shown) and not C. Also, when I queried the stageWidth and stageHeight, the values were of that of A. Is this normal and if so, how do I get just Canvas C to be full screen? Thanks