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    Adobe Flash Builder 4 - How to start?

    dam85 Level 1


      A week ago I decided to try Flex Builder 3, I was following this wiki http://learn.adobe.com/wiki/display/Flex/Getting+Started

      Today, I've seen Flash Builder 4 beta release, could you give me the link of the wiki? How do I  start with Flash Builder? Do I have to study Flex 3 before?

      I have seen some differences, like <s:Application> instead of <mx:Application> ecc ecc, I'm very new Flex developer, I think it is better to start with flash builder 4 (Flex 4) instead of Flex Builder 3 (Flex 3), right?


      Thank for the advice!

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          David_F57 Level 5

          Its always nice to start learning with the latest available software , that's the first hint


          Really its about familiarising yourself with actionscript(coding) and mxml(markup/layout), this can be done with both FB3 and FB4. If you have no current commercial needs or just have the urge to learn and experiment then Flashbuilder is the choice to make, otherwise you should stay with the stable an non changing FlexBuilder 3.

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            dam85 Level 1

            hello, yes I have to develop some commercial applications (obvisouly in the future, i'm not ready now), I bought "ActionScript 3 Bible" for actionscript programming. About mxml, I see mxml has changed in Flash Builder 4, What can I do? Is there a wiki about this new markup?


            Thank you so much!

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              David_F57 Level 5

              As you are starting at the beginning you may as well start with FB4. When you install FB4 you will find that its start page has links to documentation tutorials and examples through the tour-de-flex. There are some great blogs that continue to offer advice and examples, nothing beats well written examples for learning. If you are on face book there is an Adobe Flex page that is continually giving links to examples and information about e-seminars.


              And of course there is here. So jump on board and have a bit of fun.




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                If I may give you another hint. I would also create small projects in Flash Catalyst and study the code it's generating. If gives you a good inside in the new code standards.