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    Ripple Effect Tutorial?


      I've been through this tutorial a few times just following the steps. Its the best, least cheesy, most photorealistic ripple effect I've found so I am trying to make it work.


      I am looking for a summary of how it works, because I get mixed results each time. Some of it is broken English, so I think its not the clearest description of 'how and why'.





      I am sort of a noob to Flash, but from what I gather:


      - You create a graphic of a bitmap so you can apply an alpha layer to it.


      - You make a new movie clip using the graphic.


      - You make the graphic fade in and out (not sure why).


      - You put a masking layer over it and the mask changes sizes with a shape tween (not sure why but I think it warps your image slightly or creates the actual ripple effect...)


      - Then you apply the clip in different layers to make multiple ripples.


      Anyway, if an expert could summarize the how and why of this, Id be grateful.