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    Problem with include getting overwritten

      Hello Everyone,

      I am currently using Dreamweaver (v8) at two sites but the problem is when I move between the sites the PHP include file which is on the server gets overwritten. I know, it’s hard to follow and understand but I will do my best explain the situation.

      For example, I am at site 1 and via. The FTP manager within Dreamweaver I view and edit the index.php file which is linked to the include “example.php”. If I drive to site 2, view and edit the index.php file and save it then Dreamweaver over writes the new “example.php” file which was uploaded at site 1 with the current one at site 2.

      How can I make it so the FTP manager within Dreamweaver ONLY downloads the file I wish to edit and uploads ONLY the file I want to save and not all the included files?

      Is there any way I delete the FTP “history” on each machine? This way the old include files will not be uploaded and will force the FTP manager to download the new include from the server.

      Please help, this is really starting to mess with me…

      Charles D. Ladensack
      The Extreme CEO
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