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    change pixel aspect ratio

    eruanne Level 1

      Hi all,


      My school requires me to produce all my videos in a format of 768px by 576px, square pixels, PAL format.  I need to know how to change the pixel aspect ratio to 768x576 with the standard PAL format and square pixels.  I can see that when you start a project you can set the size, but the boxes that contain the pixel size are shadowed out and I can't select them to change them. I have also tried to modify the project after it was created, using project settings and sequence settings, but again, I was not able to select the boxes that included the pixel aspect ratio.

      Please help soon, as my project is due within hours.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          What version of Premiere are you using? If CS3, you must create a new project. If CS4, you only have to create a new sequence. You can't change the frame size of an existing project (CS3) or sequence (CS4).


          You can't change the frame size of PAL DV; it is 720x576. So create a new project/sequence, select "Desktop" as your Editing Mode (change it from what probably says "DV PAL"), and then the frame size boxes will become active. Be sure to set your pixel aspect ratio to square.

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            eruanne Level 1

            Thank you!!!  I changed the project successfully, and it's 768x576.  Now, how do I change the output so that the output is 768x576?  I tried setting the output video codec to custom in the Export window, which allows me to change the aspect ratio.  But then it's not DV PAL.  Maybe I'm not understanding the assignment properly because I thought DV PAL was always 720x576 as you said.  Frustrating.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Well, what do you need to export to? Are you going to a DV tape, or a DVD, or a web video, or something else? And what is your source material? If you're working with DV footage, you don't want to work in a custom sequence; you want to use the PAL DV sequence/project presets. If you need a 768x576 square pixel video at the end, you can set that up when you export--but again, you can't use the PAL DV codec because that is 720x576, .9091 PAR... period. Other codecs will allow you to export to a frame size of 768x576 with square pixels--just not DV.

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                eruanne Level 1

                My source material is 768x576 animations from Maya.  The output needs to be .avi format, but it's not going onto a DVD or a DV tape or a web video, it just needs to be uploaded to my instructor's computer.

                I am trying to export a file with the correct aspect ratio now.  I set the output to codec=none, and changed the aspect ratio to 768x576.  It seems unable to output the file, as I have tried four times and it has given me an error each time.  Is a codec necessary?  Is that what's freaking it out?

                Also, the final video will only be 2:28 long, and I have set the scratch disk to a drive on my computer that has 78 GB free, so I hope it is not running out of processing space.

                Thank you for your help and patience with this problem.  I'm not sure I get the reason for the format myself, which is probably why I'm having trouble explaining why this is so important.  However, my instructor told us numerous times that we absolutely had to have a final file that was 768x576, so I figured I had to make every effort to get it done that way.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  I'm guessing you're using CS3, though you haven't specified as such. In the "Format" dropdown, do you have an "Uncompressed Microsoft AVI" option? Try using that, if so, instead of setting "Format" as "Microsoft AVI" and then selecting "None" as the codec. Bear in mind this file will be gargantuan, and if you need to email/upload this file, fuggedaboutit.


                  Can you post a screenshot of the encoder settings that are causing the problem? Use the camera icon to post it, if you can. If not, outline exactly how you have things set.


                  ADDENDUM: Does the file HAVE to be an AVI? Is the instructor planning on editing this outputted file, or is this just so he can see what you're doing? If it's the latter, there are FAR better formats for delivery than AVI...

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    "Uncompressed Microsoft AVI" option? Try using that


                    That option is only for use in conjunction with the AJA Xena card.  If you do not have that card, do not use that option.  Instead only use Microsoft AVI with codec set to None for Uncompressed exports.

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                      ryanjohnsond Level 1

                      Uncheck it under View:


                      Go to Menu:

                      View > Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction


                      Uncheck "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" (fifth from the top)


                      Your image will return to its original dimensions.