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    Having problems installing flash player


      When I install the flash player I it does not appear as a new program when I go to start-all programs. Also, it does show when I go to add or remove program but it is not showing what is the size of the program on the right hand side like for the other programs I've got. I can't watch anything on line that requires a flash player. Can anybody help me fix this problem?

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          Sorry I am not trying to answer. I just have a comment. It seems like everyone has the same problem. The latest Flashplayer seems to be seriously broken. Adobe needs to tell us what the status is.

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            That's my problem exactly and I'm getting very frustrated.  I've spent the whole day trying everything on the troubleshoot page.

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              I'm having the same problem.  After spending hours following the Adobe instructions to uninstall and reinstall Flash Player I'm now left with no Flash Player (deleted as per Adobe instructions) and no way to install the new one and no idea when this will be fixed.  I use Flash to view a lot of web content for my businiess and daily work but now I can't see these critical things.  Some communication from Adobe would be helpful as to when this will be sorted would be helpful.

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                Glen Tuffin

                I thought i was the onlyone having this problem IM in the same vote as u' s are in i hope they fix this soon.

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                  think I read somewhere else you need to uninstall other versions first, I'll check my browser histroy to see where I can find article

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Well, I see there are about 5 or 6 on this thread with problems. Something tells me I may wish I hadn't replied, but here is my suggestion:-)

                    Please review my thread at "Is it this simple"  There are some reasons listed that could be your and the others problems, Adobe links, etc.

                    It would be very difficult to try to answer everyone that has posted on this thread. Please review what I have there and if I can be of help,

                    post here. You might want to list what system, Windows XP2, 3, vs of IE, 6, 7, 8. etc. I'm not an expert, but the more that I'm on this forum,

                    I'm learning more and more. Thanks.

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                      ThomasWikman Level 1

                      I was finally able to install Flash Player on my Windows Vista system by doing this.


                      Follow the instructions below



                      Uninstall using Adobe uninstaller (that you have to download) not via the control panel. Then you can install.


                      As I said by doing this I could install on my Windows Vista machine. But I could still not install on my Windows XP machine, on top that it destroys byt thye network connections and I have to restart the machine.

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hello ThomasWikman, Glad to hear that worked for you on Vista. So XP is not. I didn't understand about the network connections.

                        Have you gone to www.adobe.com/software/flash/about to have Adobe confirm if you have installed and what version? In my XP, the Flash Player Active X version 10 is in my add/remove. Now I know F.P. is a browser plug in, but it is there & fine. Also you can Update the Shockwave Flash Object that is in manage add ons, unlike the users of IE8.  You just have to remember to Reboot after updating the Active X.

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                          ThomasWikman Level 1

                          Thank you for your reply.


                          Yes, and I also had/have Adobe Flash Player ActiveX in my Add/Remove. However, uninstalling/removing it from Add/remove did not actually completely uninstall it and subsequent installs therefore failed on both XP and Vista. The only way I could fully uninstall it was by using the Adobe Adobe Flash Player ActiveX uninstaller and then I could install on Vista but still not on XP.


                          The network thingy is that when I try to install on XP some really strange things happen. It does not matter whether I unsuccessfully uninstalled Adobe Flash Player ActiveX using Add/remove or successfully uninstalled using the special uninstaller, the same thing happens. The installer freezes and then it displays a dialog box asking me for my IP address and to provide it with a port. Even if I give it my IP address and the right port it still fails to install and suddenly I loose my internet connection s well as my network connections to remote servers. I have to restart my machine to get my connections back. That is really messed up.



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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hello ThomasWikman, I must say I have not yet heard of any dialog box asking for an IP, let alone a Port. I read various forums, and of course here, but have not heard of that.  My first thought is spyware or worse.

                            I have forgotten which version of IE you are using. I use IE6.



                            What site were you attempting to install from?

                            Did you have version 9 of F.P. before trying to update to 10?

                            What anti-virus/anti-spyware program are you using?

                            Have you had any virus or malware infections lately?

                            When the dialog box appears asking for an IP and Port; I'm assuming it is during install.

                            It has been suggested here to download the uninstaller to the desktop & uninstall that way.

                            Also to download the installer to the desktop and install that way.

                            Which way were you attempting to uninstall and install?


                            You are right in that using the Add/Remove does not completely uninstall and using the uninstaller is a must.


                            If you could please answer these questions for me it will help to pinpoint the problem.

                            Thank you.