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    Adobe Media Player downloads videos then deletes them??


      I'd like to note that Adobe Media Player continues to maintain that video files are downloaded for offline viewing. However, the application then 'deletes' those files from the cache at some time in the future, usually an hour or so after downloading. This has nothing to do with viewing them. Even if you haven't not viewed them, they are deleted.


      I downloaded 20 videos for offline viewing.  2 hours later the downloads which previously completed, were nowhere in the gui, nowhere on my file system.

      I then re-downloaded the 20 videos of the Flex in a Week course. 2 hours later only 5 had been retained even though all 20 had previously downloaded to completion and were completely local. Where is the sense and why only delete '15' and then othertimes delete all?


      What is the 'reasoning' behind deleting cached files a few hours after they have been downloaded for offline viewing.


      Absoluted stupid idea. Does Adobe want to keep their servers streaming continuously everytime users realise they've 'lost' their local copies of the video files?