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    Stupid question about disassociating files from Fireworks


      Title says it, but specifically...I use AcDSee as my primary image viewer and my chosen image extentions open with AcDSee.  AcDSee takes a bit of time to load and Fireworks takes a long time.  There are times I would like to use Microsoft's Image Viewer since it is a small program and opens almost instantly.  Before I loaded Fireworks, I could "right click" with my mouse and bring up a menu that has the word "Preview" and if I clicked that I would launch the image in Microsoft's Image Viewer...now it will only open with Fireworks which takes about 40 seconds to load on my piece of crap computer.


      If nessessary, I would be happy to disassociate Fireworks with all file extentions since I use it rarely.   I can certainly use the "Open With" function of the "right click" menu when I wish to use Fireworks.  I want to use AcDSee as my primary automatic open image view (which it is now) and I want Microsoft's image viewr to launch when I click "Preview" in the "right click" menu.


      Help...I can find no information on this anywhere and it seems like it should be simple, but I can't figure it out...help!!!!!


      Thanks,  Faun :)

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          pixlor Level 4

          What operating system are you using? Normally one "associates" a program with an extension/file type, not "disassociates." If you associate a different program, that will stop Fireworks from launching as the default. But the steps to follow depend on your OS.

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            Faunmichigan Level 1

            I am using Windows XP.


            I use AcDSee as my default image viewer...jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, tif, etc are automatically opened with AcDSee.  I'm happy with this.


            When I "right click" an images icon, I get a menu that offers the choice of "Preview".


            Previously to loading Fireworks, when clicked, this "Preview" function would launch the image file in Microsoft's "Window Picture and Fax Viewer"...now this same function ("Preview") opens the image in Fireworks which is slower to load than even AcDSee.  (And to reinterate, AcDSee is still my default image viewer...not Fireworks)


            I would like to re-gain this previous respective relationship with AcDSee and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and knock Fireworks out of the loop completely.  I can use an "Open With" function on the same "right click" menu when I want to open an image in Fireworks.


            The problem is that I can find no way to get rid of Fireworks glomming on to this "right click" menu's "Preview" function.  Fireworks gives me the option of making it my default viewer which I do not want.  While AcDSee is my default viewer, Fireworks still hogs up this "Preview" function and I can find no option for switching it back to Widows Picture and Fax Viewer other than uninstalling Fireworks...which I do not want to do since it is a fine program for editing images; just too slow to view.


            I hope this is more clear and I hope someone can help me figure this out.

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              pixlor Level 4

              Ah, I understand, now!


              This problem isn't (exactly) a Fireworks problem, it's an XP configuration problem. I have Vista and Win2k, so I can't poke around one of my boxes, sorry.


              Possible help in this thread, as the issues seem similar: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/49577-45-windows-picture-viewer


              There may be an answer here, but you'd have to sign up for a 30-day trial to find out:



              Other than that, I would recommend posting your question on one of these two sites (which you'd have to join, but at least they're free):

              http://www.majorgeeks.com/ (click the Support Forum link under Info on the right-hand side)



              Sorry I couldn't be of more help.