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    Animation is Slow on Phone

    hajani Community Member

      I have this animation and the problem is that on my phone it's quite slow.

      It looks like as it has 5-6 FPS....

      Could anyone tell me why and how to make it faster?

      Thank you in advance.


      (Tested on SonyEricsson K550, W610, W300 and W880)


      download: (.fla and .swf files)


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          mucatron Community Member



          Some of the phones that you are targetting are pretty low end, and the graphics are not sized appropriately for the screen.  Each time you render the image by frame it is loading and reloading, decompressing and then drawing to the screen.


          By using full screen images you are requiring the player to draw the entire screen for every frame, this is a huge waste of resources.


          You should turn the images into vectors and loose the white background.  Use graphics that are designed specifically for the lowest screen size to ensure that the player does not have to use scaling algorithms.