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      I am a manual publisher and the format of my manual is in PDF. The manual is drafted using Adobe Page Maker and converted into PDF.

      At the moment the "table of content" is not linked to the content. I would like to create link to it but I do not want to create the link one by one.


      Is there a unique method/3rd party plug-in which allows table of content to be linked to the content in a simpler method.


      I am using Acrobat v9.


      I did ask in Arobat forum and someone recommended me that I should probably set this up in Page Maker, and have the links automatically embedded in the PDF. Can someone tell me where the setup is & how I can achieve the link? CheerZzz

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          The Table of Contents is generated from the Paragraph specs of the Style for your headings, titles, &c. and then running the Utility "Create TOC…"




          There's more in PM helpfiles under "Indexes, Contents, and Pagination" at [PM7DIR]/RSRC/[LANGUAGE]/Help/c06gh30.htm.



          Creating a table of contents

          You can create a table of contents (TOC) for any document in -PageMaker, -regardless of its size or the number of publications involved. You can even have multiple tables of contents in a publication--for example, a list of chapters, and a list of illustrations.

          As is an index, each table of contents is a separate story which compiles information, including correct page numbers, from pages throughout a publication or set of booked publications. The process for creating a table includes three main steps:

        • Apply the paragraph-level text attribute, Include in TOC, to the paragraphs you want to appear in the table of contents. You can apply the setting to individual paragraphs, but the most efficient method is to apply the setting as part of a paragraph style, so that all paragraphs with a particular paragraph style applied are cited in the table of contents.
        • Use the Create TOC command to format and generate the table-of-contents story.
        • Flow the table-of-contents story and use automatically generated paragraph styles to change type and paragraph attributes for the table. If you add, delete, or edit entries in the placed table-of-contents story, you will lose the changes if you later regenerate the table of contents.

        • Note: If the page numbers in the publications have prefixes, such as A-1 or 1-1, see "Numbering pages in a multiple-publication document" to include the prefixes in your table of contents.


          Note:  PM Helpfiles will only open automatically in IE - if another browser is your default, you'll need to use the browser's File -> Open and naviagate to [PM7DIR]/RSRC/[LANGUAGE]/Help/ to read the helpfiles.


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