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    Highlighting, Commenting, & Editing Book Marks.


      Hi - I purchased online, PDF format, eBooks from various publishers. Everything worked fine on the computer I originally downloaded them on, an imac. But then when I manually copied the files I downloaded from the imac to a windows Vista laptop - am now unable to highlight text, add comments, or edit book marks among other things.



      Thanking in advance, Tck.


      P.S: I just thought of downloading a version from the link originally supplied by the publishers onto my second computer, but then I would still be back to square one i.e. I would have to painstakingly manually transfer all the changes I made on my eBook on my first machine to the other one on my laptop. Can somebody please suggest a solution to help me out, thanks.


      P.P.S: apparently from my findings - the solution is to purchase an 'adobe acrobat pro', cauze 'acrobat reader' is the problem.....