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    Column chart having holes b/w columns

    Varun Bajaj (PHP)

      Hi All


      i am having a column chart which is having below array as dataProvider


      <object X="Something" S0Y0=""  S1Y1="6" S2Y2="7" />

      <object X="Something1" S0Y0="2"  S1Y1="" S2Y2="3" />

      <object X="Something2" S0Y0="4"  S1Y1="5" S2Y2="2" />

      <object X="Something3" S0Y0="5"  S1Y1="4" S2Y2="" />

      <object X="Something4" S0Y0=""  S1Y1="4" S2Y2="5" />


      my problem is when i create column chart with this dataProvider column chart has holes where data not exist. Is there any way through which i can get rid of these nasty holes. I can;t fill these holes with zero or not knowing in advance where the value will be null.


      Any help is highly appreciable.


      thanks and warm regards,


      Varun Bajaj