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    Some very strange problems with zoom in/out effects on a still image


      Hello everybody!


      I am trying to make some zoom in and out effects. I use these effects to animate still images.

      To do so I use the standart 'Motion' effect. I just put one key frame [at the begining of my image] and set scale to 100 % (for example) then I make another key frame [at the end of my still image] and set scale here about 150 %. It works but the result is awful.


      When I start to play my animated image these effects (zoom in/out) distort my image. I begin to see some lines across my image and it irritates my eyes really. I didn't see such awful zooming before when I used Sony Vegas or Ulead.


      I am thinking that I do something wrong. Can you help me to solve this problem ?


      Also this distortion appears when I try to animate my still image using XPosition and YPostion of the 'Motion' effect.


      I suppose somebody cannot understand me and I decided to attach some files here. First one is an original image without the distortion. Second one is this image with the distortion. And third one is just my setting of this 'Motion' effect.


      In conclusion: Feature 'Scale to frame size' is disabled. My image size is 2816x2112.


      Thank you for your attention!