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    Passing a PDF *file* (not document) to a remote WEB SERVICE using LCES

    RobRZDZ Level 1

      Hello everybody.


      Using the WEB Service service in the LCES Foundation, I've been able to pass some LCES variables (using Xpath) to a remote web server without problems; as an example, I was able to pass a string, an integer and an XML file to a remote service.


      Now I'd like to pass a PDF File (not document) to a remote server; the remote server does expect a bytestream in base64 format so that it can convert it back to a PDF file and store it locally.


      Is there a way to accomplish that using LCES?


      I tried with a LCES *document* but a document is not a PDF file and when it comes to opening the file on the remote server, the opening file (it's not a PDF file).