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    avchd mpeg2-blu ray quality tearing



      I have been working on a project, from this project is to create a blu ray and a dvd, DVD no problem to get 100% quality I did the following:


      AVCHD to DVD

      - export to pal dv widescreen. 30 minutes took about 2 hours
      - encore to burn DVD - 30 mins

      = Excellent SD quality.


      AVCHD to Blu RAY


      This is where the problem comes.  Blu Ray.

      When I export to mpeg 2 blu-ray and watch the encoded footage - when the camera moves you get like a tearing on the edges of the images - hope this makes sense.  I had this same problem when I was doing mpeg dvd therefore decided the above approach.

      I also tried placing the timeline in encore and creating a bluray folder - still get the same thing.

      I have left the mpeg2 blu ray settings as default.

      Any ideas or links to something that will help me get superb quality??blu ray.


      Thanks for all your help