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    Fireworks Drop Down Menu Linking

      So I made a drop down menu in Fireworks that works perfectly, except I can't seem to figure out how to link with them properly. In the drop down editor, i have the title and then in the link box for each, i just entered "pagename.html" according to which page should be linked, as they are named on my server. That does nothing. I click the drop down and it doesn't even act like it's trying to link to anything. It just sits there like I'm not even clicking. It doesn't work when I preview it, or when i load the uploaded page into the browser. I also tried the full URL in the field, like "jacobsmits.freehostia.com/biography.html" and that doesn't seem to do anything either.

      What am I doing wrong? and is there any way I could just put the link into the code somewhere?