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    Printing on multiple pages (FlexPrintJob)


      How would I print a VBox containing various UIComponents on multiple pages, without Flex splitting the objects in half and screwing the margins?




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          _Natasha_ Level 4



          all you want you can do. All sources is available for you. You can extend FlexPrintJob.


          You can check if UIComponent is in one page or not and set it visible or not.

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            Nikos. Level 1

            Hi Natasha,


            thanks for the suggestion..That is what I thought of doing - splitting the VBox into other VBoxes, all page height sized. I just also thought that there might be something implemented already out there, and I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel - clearly that should have been implemented in Flex in the first place.


            thank you


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              Nikos. Level 1



              I am trying to split a long VBox into other VBoxes, of X height. That way I would be able to feed these new VBoxes into the FlexPrintJob to print them as separate pages.


              So far this proves a bit tricky as objects (TLF fiels, images, etc) need to be drawn/complete/update first before I get the initial's VBox height and then start splitting, waiting for the new VBoxs update as well as the initial one before I check again, etc.


              I was wondering if someone has done this before and could help.


              Thank you in advance


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                I have a similar problem with just the Richeditabletextbox. I have a Richeditabletextbox that take multiple pages of html text and images. It will chop off text and image at end of page. It will not even show all the images at times. I don't think Flex have any real support for multipage printing now other than the printdatagrid.


                Good luck.