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    Unable to load external images in flash


      I am a beginner in flash programming. I am trying to write a small flash app which will load and display images provided as a query.
      My flash app works fine when I provide the image path directly in the browser address bar, but it is not working when I do the same using html.
      Here is the direct link to the flash app:http://srbose.freelinuxhost.co.cc/test/lesson2.swf?photo=http://www.flash-mx.com/images/im age1.jpg


      Here is the link to the html with which I am trying to invoke the app.



      The Html code is attached with the post.


      I know my app is getting invoked and it appears to work fine when I hardcode the image url into the flash app. But the query method just does not seem to be working!!


      This is hosted on a linux site supporting php.


      I have really hit a stone wall here as far as debugging this goes. Any help will be really welcome. Thanks in advance, srb.