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    two masks causing mc_masked to blink

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1



      I have on a timeline:

      • mc_mask_A
      • mc_A


      with timeline code:
      mc_A     .cacheAsBitmap = true ;    
      mc_mask_A.cacheAsBitmap = true ;
      mc_A     .mask          = mc_mask_A  ;

      inside of mc_A I have

      • layer 1 set to mask with a shape;
      • layer 2 with mc_B that has an imported .avi;




      the combination of these 2 masks is causing the mc_B ( which is effectively being masked by 2 masks ) to blink erratically;


      I understand that others are having this problem also; I have not, however, found a solution other than "don't do it" or manipulate the asset prior to bringing it into flash which might work for me;


      any thoughts?