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    moving Selection Indicator in HorizontalList




      I'm trying to animate the selection indicator box in a HorizontalList. To be exaclty I want to replace the normal alpha fade with a sliding movement of the selection indicator box when changing the selection, i.e. clicking on a new item.


      If someone had an idea or suggestion, it would help me very much.



      thx for your help.

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          2bEugene Level 1

          Meanwhile i made it through.


          For everybody who's interrested: try to draw your own indicator rectangle - that's the only way. For that use a instance of SpriteAsset. With the SpriteAsset.graphics property you have access to the drawing API. When you've finished drawing add the SpirteAsset to the selectionLayer of your List and by using the onChange event move your new rectangle. Do this with an AnimateProperty instance.


          Roughly that's it.

          Of course you also have to care about scrolling, dynamic changes in your dataProvider and resizing of your List - but that's an extra story...




          For a better understanding of what I intended to produce you find attached the compilation of my work.