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    How to enable the 'Print' option after upgrading to Reader 9.1


      I am upgrading our current Adobe Reader 8 software to Reader 9.

      I have created a custom installation using the 'Adobe Customization Wizard 9' application - creating a corresponsing .mst file used during the installation.


      After upgrading, the 'Print' option on the Windows Explorer shortcut and 'File' menu's is no longer there when you have a .PDF file selected and right-click or select the File Menu.


      If I do a standard installation the 'Print' menu option is available.

      Therefore, the custom install is somehow disabling the 'Print' option. Does anyone have an idea where this setting is made - not able to easily locate it in the Customization Wizard or REGEDIT.


      Thanks in advance

      Cheers - Nielen