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    Few questions about Flash Catalyst


      In my organisation, we are looking at tools such as Flash Catalyst.


      After experiencing a bit with the tool, I have the following questions:

      - When you switch from the Design to Code view, the mxml is not editable. Is this done on purpose? To make it editable, you have to use the Open With in the Explorator View.

      - The WireFrame Component view seems limited regarding the number of components available. Don't you think that basic componants such as Grids, Panels should be included.

      - Do you plan to have a feature such as "Export as a Word document" to export the contents of the screens prototyping.


      Finally, do you have a roadmap available for the tool with list of features and dates of release.





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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Jean-Michel,


          Re Code view...

          Since Flash Catalyst is a designer-oriented tool, it does not currently support editing code.  You can import a Flash Catalyst FXP file into Flash Builder when you're ready to begin adding richer business logic and server connectivity to your app.


          Re the Components panel...

          Check out View > Grid & Guide Settings for a way to align layouts on various grids today.

          While there's no generic "Panel" control, you can easily create artwork that represents a border around any bunch of content.  To create a reusable border, akin to a custom-skinned reusable panel control, make the border into a custom component and then place copies of it beneath your different groups of artwork.


          Re export to Word...

          We don't have immediate plans for this functionality, but we're definitely aware there's a lot of interest around being able to output mockups and wireframes in printed form.  Currently, you can print out individual screens of your Catalyst mockup by running it, right-clicking, and choosing Print.


          Re roadmap...

          Catalyst 1.0 will be released within the first half of next year.  We don't have a full feature list that we can share yet, but look for at least one more beta this year that will preview some of the additional features.


          - Peter