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    Calling a webhelp with different TOCs - or other solution for multiple versions

    robert-sfl Level 1

      Hello all,

      several help version are required, but due to space limitations on the server it is not possible to produce a separate output (using condition tags) for each version. Most of the content is common to all versions. One approach would be to use a common help system and to display it via different webhelp start files, using different TOCs. Do you see a chance for this? It is no problem if the search function shows topics from other versions, but the TOC should be unique.


      In the old CHM days I would have used mudularized subprojects merged in different masters. But this does not seem possible in Webhelp because all subprojects would have to be copied multiple times in the master project's "merged projects"- subfolders.


      Any ideas are welcome.