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    PP CS3 HD capture (my specific setup question)


      I know this has probably been covered before, but I am trying to test my setup in case there is something specific I need to do:







      SONY GVH-D700 HDV VIDEO WALKMAN w/ 7" LCD (used to capture video to avoid constant plugging in/out of camcorder firewire)

      Dell computer (3 GB RAM, not sure of the processor off-hand but it runs CS3 nicely...lots of resolution options with the largest being 2048x1536...I currently have it set at 1024x768)


      I've run a firewire connection from the walkman into the computer.  When I put a standard mini-DV tape in, PP captures like normal.  When I try an HD tape with HD footage (1080i), PP tells me there is a connection but I get no image whatsoever.


      I'm not sure if it has something to do with 1080i just not matching my screen resolution or what.  If that's the case, would one of the higher resoltions do the trick?


      Thanks for the insight!