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    loading all images at preloading time





      I am Developing a flash website.It has lots of images in various pages.
      Is this possible to load all the images at the preloading time itself as it wont take much time while showing those images.


      Can I have a empty movieclip on stage with visible false.

      and using a for loop can I load all the images into that?

      Is this proper way?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can preload the images but if you use a for-loop you'll need create a different target movieclip for each image.  if you load them sequentially, you can use one target movieclip to preload them (into the user's cache).  then when you want to display them, re-loading them will be almost instant because they're retrieved from the user's harddrive and not actually downloaded.


          assign the target movieclip's _alpha to be zero.  the _visible property is set to default (true) when a movieclip is assigned to be a load-target.

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