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    CS3 Strange Behaviour or Bug?

    paul tech Level 1

      Create a shape.
      Fill the shape with a color no stroke.
      Copy that shape and paste in front. Make this new shape on top a gradient fill no stroke. Set the gradient fill to multiply 100%.
      Draw another radom shape on top your existing shapes. Now copy one of your original shapes and paste in front in order to mask this drawn shape.
      You should now have 3 layers of geometry. A solid color, a gradient on top and another shape on top that is masked with the a duplicate of the original shape.
      Save the file and reopen it. I now only have two sets of geometry. The file combines the mask with the gradient shape below it. Where did my mask go?



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          Jesseham Level 4

          Neat, huh?  I think it's been around since at least cs2, and I don't know if it's been fixed in cs4.  My solution is to either adjust the size of the masked "background" shape or to apply the fill(s) to the mask itself.

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            paul tech Level 1

            Frikkin sucks. If there is a stroke on the shapes it works fine....hmmm

            How do I apply a gradient or fill to the mask, it doesn’t seem to work here.



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              Jesseham Level 4

              If you have any attributes on your object that you're using as your clipping path (fill, stroke, drop shadow, etc...), they will get removed when you make it into a path.  You have to apply them after the fact.  To help select the mask, you can either grab it with the direct select tool or you can select your whole masked group, mask and all, and use these two buttons up in the control bar (up above your window) to help select it:

              Picture 1.jpg

              Clicking the left circle will select only the masks within your selection, clicking the right one will give you just the contents.