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    Anyone remember Adobe Streamline? Need help with convertions of bitmap line art to vector.

    Mary G-M

      Years ago and likely even more OSs ago, Adobe had a product called Streamline that effortlessly (well relatively effortlessly) converted line art to vector. It was easy to scan original work, and the user apply settings to achieve a clean vector outline (with a reasonable number of points).  Well, that program is no longer available and I've be unable to achieve anything close to perfection using Photoshop/Illustrator CS -- meaning I create a path in PS then move the path over to Illustrator. I can never seem to get a true vector "copy" of my scanned art.  I've tried everything, such as upping the resolution (600-800 dpi) in PS, which of course gives me WAY too complex of a vector piece, although usable.  Anyway, I'm working on a project now that whereby I really need a more seamless and less "point bulky" conversion of my artwork into vector outline.  The line work is very complex. Any suggestions, anyone?