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    Getting error in ASLFoundation.dll when trying to start Premiere Pro 4

    Matt Kelland

      When I try to start up Premiere Pro CS4 I get the error


      The procedure entry point ?GetContainedFilePaths@Directory@ASL@@QBEXABV[very long string continues for six lines] could not be located in the dynamic link library ASLFoundation.dll.


      then it tells me


      LoadLibraryEx Startup.dll failed with error 127: The specified procedure could not be found.


      I've tried reinstalling premiere, and (as suggested by some people) uninstalling QuickTime, but this makes no difference.


      Premiere worked fine ten days ago, and since then I've been on holiday, so I'm not sure what could have changed.  Photoshop & Illustrator still work.


      I have Adobe CS4 Production Premium, running on a brand new ASUS under Vista Home Premium (64-bit).


      Any suggestions?