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    CS4: How is blurry text still a continuing problem in Flash?!


      To any and all.


      I have been on countless Flash forums, reading hundreds of posts with varying degrees of suggestions all of which leave me without a solution.  Posts have been floating around regarding this topic for almost a decade now, and nothing seems to get resolved.  So I come directly to the source.  I'm attaching a demo .swf and .fla for all to see and manipulate hoping for help.


      First off, here's a description of the problem.  I am not the designer.  The designer is very purposeful about the font styles, sizes, colors, etc, that he select.  So to even consider bastardizing his work my substituting in any of these godawful "Fonts For Flash" would be inconceivable and potentially jeopardize my job.  (Not really, but he is very passionate about his work... and who am I to question the master.)  What is baffling to me is if you watch the animation closely, the text is actually clearer during the movement... but as soon as the animation ends, that's when the text turns fuzzy.


      Through past posts on numerous sites, some of the standard responses have been:

      • Ensuring text is placed on integers on the X and Y's
      • Making text selectable (supposedly forcing the text to whole pixels)
      • Checking that the text has not been skewed in the transform panel
      • Countless custom-alias settings
      • Making sure the movieclip the text is embedded in is also placed on integers


      I don't understand how either embedding the fonts, or using static text does not make it crystal clear.  Is there any ActionScript 3.0 methods that possibly remedy this problem?  Is there anyone that can help?