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    How to pause frame in sequence


      I'm editing a athlete instructional video and want to pause at a certain point, hold a single frame while voiceover continues and maginify effect is used, and then continue with the video....how do i get that single frame to stay so i can apply my effects?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Frame Hold will do this for you. Depending on exactly where your Frame is, you may want to Razor at that point, creating two Clips. Apply Frame Hold to the last Frame in the first Clip.


          Or, you can Export your Frame as a Stll, via AME. Choose TIFF and then Import that Still into your Project. Place it after the last "motion" Frame, and set its Duration. Note: check your PAR, to make sure that your Exported Frame matches your footage.


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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There a several ways to do this, the way i do it is:

            cut the clip where you want to pause, now go one frame to the right and cut again.

            Now you have a clip of one frame, select this clip, right mouseclick and select Frame Hold.

            Select In point and check Frame Hold and maybe some other tasks if needed and hit OK.

            No hold down the ctrl and drag the clip to the right and stretching the clip to the desired length.


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              My situation calls for a presenter to be out of control of the player while presenting at a conference.

              The video needs to pause at multiple spots durring playback allowing the presenter to talk.

              When finished talking the person running the computer playing the video would restart the video.

              OK, so how do you do it so that the compiled file has a built in pause where you need to push "play" to get the movie to continue play?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Do you know where the pauses will be? Will they be the same place every time?


                What format will you be using to display this Video, DVD, player hooked to a projector, other?


                Will the operator be able to hear the speaker, and will have have any sort of script?


                What I am thinking of is DVD/BD, where the Video would go to a Menu, but with the last frame on it. Then, there would be a hidden Button, that one could activate with a remote control, leading to the next Timeline, having another such Menu at the spot of the pause. Obviously, if the pauses must be random and can be at the whim of the speaker, that method would not work. That's why I asked.


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                  Doughboy12 Level 1

                  Yes I know where the pause(s) will be. (same place every time, but just presented once for now.)


                  Most likely playback will be Windows Media Player but due to the nature of this conference presentation I would actually prefer the DVD idea.

                  (We don't want to let the animation file out to the public, just present it.)


                  The operator will be able to hear the speaker and thus be prompted by the speaker to continue but would not have a script.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    For the WMP version, I'd just put in short Freeze Frames, and then the operator will Pause on that. When the speaker is done, Play would be hit. With a fairly short Freeze Frame segment, the operator can hit the Pause/Play pretty closely and the audience will never know.


                    With the DVD, you'd put the Freeze Frame on a Menu with a hidden Button, set to Default. The operator would just basically hit the DVD player's remote Enter/OK/Select, to activate that hidden Button (remember to check that it is the default, as it should be, considering that it is the only one on that Menu) - Off it goes, until the next Menu, with the next hidden Button. Basically, what you're doing is hiding "Easter eggs" on that Menu. Every Timeline will have its End Action set to the next Menu.


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